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Garden Tub : Definition, History, Dimension and Cost

Whether you’re doing a washroom remodel or building a brand-new home? below’s just what to think about when selecting a garden tub, from products to cost.

What is a Garden Tub?

what is a garden tub

Garden tub likewise called a soaking tub, it’s a free-standing, oval-shaped tub that’s much larger, deeper, and also a lot more comfy than the normal version and also a high-end shower room service that’s quickly gaining steam.

With its rich origin, this large, deep bath tub is used just for soaking. It has no capacities for a shower or whirlpool.

A Short History of Garden Tubs

Garden tubs first came into appeal in 18th-century Europe, and that’s where their complex name comes from. (We’re presuming some of you presumed garden tubs were those trendy bathtubs-turned-planters you see everywhere on Pinterest, right?).

In the 1700s, “the affluent usually appreciated taking in their tubs in the privacy of their magnificently manicured grounds where they might appreciate the outdoors,” clarifies Ana Cummings, an indoor developer at Ana Interiors.

“Eventually the tub made its means inside; however, they were still located in a manner where a complete view of the landscape was attained.”.

Till a couple of years earlier, big shower spaces were a warm washroom pattern, yet garden tubs are gradually however definitely taking control of.

” Individuals are intending to make certain there is a space for a soaker tub,” Cummings states of her clients.

How Large is a Garden Tub?

how large is a garden tub

A typical garden tub is 42 inches wide, 60 inches long, as well as 24 inches deep. However they can come in any dimension and are usually much bigger as long as 70 inches vast as well as two times as deep as a traditional tub.

It can be much more challenging to install compared to a typical tub, too. “A garden tub is a lot bigger and also is usually free-standing with no wall surfaces around it,” states Cummings.

The size permits the bather to be totally involved in water (no more knees sticking out and also getting cold throughout a bath) to obtain a true soaking.

As well as the fact that a garden tub is normally free-standing indicates the layout could consist of a contour to one or several sides of the tub, allowing the bather to lean back much more naturally than in a basic tub with an angular form.

All this convenience, nonetheless, comes with a price: You’ll require a very large washroom to fit a garden tub, especially considering that it can’t be wedged comfortably into the wall. See to it you have the room.

Just What Garden Tubs are Constructed From

what garden tubs are constructed from

Although you could locate garden tubs made from a range of products, enameled actors iron is most common.

That’s due to the fact that it’s “renowned for its heat retention and also cleanability,” says Jessica Weigley, founder, designer, as well as principal at architecture and also layout company Síol in San Francisco.

Acrylic tubs are additionally growing in appeal, since the material is a lot more versatile and could be made use of to produce one-of-a-kind forms that are harder (or difficult) with cast iron. But Weigley cautions that “acrylic doesn’t preserve warm well and will show wear over time.”

Compound stone tends to provide the most effective of both worlds to tub makers, as Weigley says it “blends the malleable forms of acrylic with the warm retention of actors iron.”

How Much Does a Garden Tub Expense?

how much does a garden tub expense

Certainly, what your tub is constructed from is going to impact just how much you spend on your brand-new shower room fixture.

The price of an acrylic garden tub is usually around $1,000, Weigley claims. That number doubles for the more traditional cast iron. Composite rock garden tubs can establish a homeowner back as much as $5,000.

Filling Up as well as Draining Your Garden Tub

filling up as well as draining your garden tub

Besides material and expense of your garden tub, you’re mosting likely to should decide where you want the filler spout.

Although traditional tubs have a spout originating from the wall surface on one end, garden tubs open up a whole host of choices.

“The tub filler can be installed in several methods, from the surface of the tub deck, from a floor-mounted tap, off the side of a wall surface, or from a spout coming from the ceiling,” Cummings claims.

“All are beautiful as well as functional, depending on the room and surrounding setting.”

You’ll additionally intend to take into consideration drain placement. Some garden tubs have a facility drain, which can indicate sitting precisely the drainpipe if you remain in the center. Others have a drain off away.

One last factor to consider? Perfectionists say a garden tub is just for soaking in water, and also has no bells and whistles such as medical spa jets, lights, or aromatherapy.

Still, if you do yearn for these functions in your garden tub, go right in advance! Garden tubs, like all house services, are meant to develop with the moments, and all that really issues is that your garden tub assists you do what it’s meant to: relax.

Garden Tub vs Jacuzzi

garden tub vs jacuzzi

For some individuals, there is nothing far better than getting on a warm bathroom at the end of a long day as well as saturating away all the stress and also stress.

In fact, many homeowners renovate their restrooms with the notion of creating a sanctuary or spa-like atmosphere. Picking the ideal tub adds to the leisure experience.

If your choice boils down to a garden tub or a Jacuzzi whirlpool tub, learn the pros and cons of each to make a decision which will certainly be best for you.

Garden Tub

Garden tubs are ideal for those that want a relaxing soak without difficulties. These tubs hold big quantities of water and also benefit showering, yet they do not provide a shower head.

Standard garden tubs are 42 inches broad, 60 inches long as well as 24 inches deep, making it possible to immerse your knees and also your upper body at the same time a standard by which many individuals rate a bath tub.

Garden tubs are further compared to standard bath tubs, and also typically have curved or curved sides that adhere to the shapes of the body, permitting bathers to fit pleasantly inside the tub. Numerous have actually contoured armrests or integrated head and neck assistance.

These tubs could be freestanding or built into the washroom with a rack border made to hold bath products, towels or ornamental items.


  1. Easy to cleanse
  2. More economical compared to a whirlpool tub.
  3. Needs no electrical power.
  4. Could be made use of with bath salts and also oils.


  1. Likely to boost your water expense
  2. Uses no massage benefits.


Jacuzzi is the brand name of a details line of tubs that are generally known as whirlpool tubs. Whirlpool tubs are basically garden tubs with water or air jets and also pumps contributed to massage therapy bathers and produce air bubbles.

Whirlpool tubs need electric hookups in addition to pipes, but usually have added attributes such as undersea illumination to create a relaxing atmosphere. The conventional size of a whirlpool tub is 30 inches by 60 inches, yet they are additionally available in an 80-inch-by-60-inch configuration.


  1. Massaging water jets
  2. Often raises the value of the house
  3. A lot more functions are available.


  1. Likely to increase your water as well as electrical energy costs
  2. Much more pricey than a soaking tub
  3. Jets need cleaning in addition to the tub
  4. Could not work with bathroom oils and also salts.

Other Factors to Consider

When thinking about a saturating or whirlpool tub, there are some vital problems that put on both. Because they hold a lot water, both sorts of tubs will drain your hot water heater.

If your house utilizes a lot of warm water already, you might wish to think about including a 2nd warm water heating system together with your brand-new tub.

You likewise need to think about exactly how you are going to get a big tub into your washroom. Step the doors and also various other appropriate areas in your home to earn certain getting a huge tub into your shower room is a choice.

It’s likewise essential to have an engineer establish whether your shower room flooring could support the weight of a big tub when it is full. You might need to enhance your washroom flooring,

Distinction Between Garden Tub as well as Roman Tub

distinction between garden tub as well as roman tub

Originally, Roman tubs were sunken tubs which required you to tip down right into them, evocative the ancient Roman bathrooms.

Today Roman tubs could be freestanding. They are further than conventional bath tubs as well as have faucets that are either in the center of the side of the tub or mounted on the top of the tub instead of inside it.

Throughout the 18th century in France, garden tubs were in some cases literally positioned in the garden by wealthy landowners. The previously owned water was after that drained directly into the garden.

In later years, this term became utilized for any tub where you might see the outdoors. Today garden tubs usually do not have whirlpool jets or showers as well as are made for soaking.


Both garden tubs and also Roman tubs are somewhat bigger than common bath tubs. They are normally much further as they are designed extra for a relaxing soak than actual showering.

For all practical functions, there are no distinctions today in between a garden tub as well as a Roman tub. In fact, the exact very same tub could be called by either name in various areas of the country.

Both garden and also Roman tubs are somewhat inconvenient to clean due to the fact that they are larger and also much deeper compared to a conventional tub.



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